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Empowering You to Cook & Eat Well so as to Live & Be Well

The organic spices and other spice products we offer within Canada aim to encourage you to discover amazing new flavours and empower you to make use of high quality spices in your everyday way of life so that it makes the good food you cook with taste exceptional.

At Spice Sanctuary, we are purveyors of the finest quality spices and seasonings and have imported directly into Canada our own exclusive range of higher quality premium grade organic spices, spice blends and rubs from the premium growing regions of the world. We also sell a fantastic range of Pukka branded organic teas as well as our own cookbook and gift products for you to enjoy!

All of our spice products are Canadian certified organic, directly imported, quality controlled and packaged in Canada ensuring you receive the freshest and highest quality spices possible and that we are true to our key principles and core values.

On our Products page, you will find tasting notes and recommended spice pairings and uses specific to the grade of our own spices. Find out even more about our spices on our online spices store, like where they are grown, how they are harvested and processed, how to differentiate the quality in the grades of spices and what you should be looking for when purchasing spices as well as other useful information, customer reviews and links.

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Customer Favourites & Recommended Spices Online

Customer likes include our High Quality Organic Real Cinnamon, Turmeric Powder, Real Saffron Extract, Green Cardamom Pods and Indian Spices such as Organic Garam Masala, Red Chili and Curry Powder.

Try our other top quality spice blends and rubs as chosen and reviewed by our customers like the Indian Super Spice (Curry and Tandoori spice mix), Sweet Delight and Moroccan Harmony Spice Blends used to create all good things from spiced tea infusions, desserts and sweet toppings, BBQ rubs and sauces to Moroccan tagine.

Our spice products are available in whole, ground, powder and seeds and we hope you enjoy the superior quality of flavours and taste they bring to your home or business whether cooking spices for fish, pork, steak, other meats or veggie recipes. Enjoy the ease with which Spice Sanctuary Spices transform raw food into delicious meals!

Order Spices Online in Canada from SpiceSanctuary.com, Purveyors of Fine Quality Spices and Seasonings.


Who's Cooking with our Spices?

Watch out for our spices in other products you buy too! Because not all spices are the same and because organic is not enough, we are delighted that Spice Sanctuary spices are being used in so many versatile ways by a variety of acclaimed chefs and like minded businesses across Canada:

In Beer!

In Cooking Sauces!

In Gelato or Ice Cream!

In Fresh Pressed Juice and Raw Food!

In Chocolate!

In sugar free, raw treats!

In restaurants serving European, Indian-Mexican & Asian food!

Find out who our partners are and why they love our spices here!


Our Blog: Living a Life of Spices

Our blog is intended to be a resource of information and our knowledge that we want our customers to have full transparency and access to. From discussing health benefits of spices to learning more about the more exotic organic spices we offer, from debates on hot industry news to learning more about our farmers, you can find it all on our blog! Latest posts are always announced on social media and our newsletters.

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